Packaging, nature’s way.

The humble broad or fava bean, or vicia faba if we’re being formal, was on the menu this evening.

As I sat in the garden, shelling the market fresh beans, I was struck by the brilliance with which Nature carries out the function of packaging. Little bright green beans nestled into soft spongey material inside a much harder shell, which then becomes food for all those busy little organisms in my compost heap. Effective, efficient AND beautiful. Awesome.

By the way, a couple ended up in the garden, so if I wake up tomorrow and find a giant beanstalk outside my window, the next post may not be for a while. Fee-fi-fo-fum!...

6 thoughts on “Packaging, nature’s way.

  1. Thank you sweet pea. I’ve just posted a photo especially for you, Stephanie and Richard. Three of the amazing people referred to in last night’s blog.

  2. Hello! As the lovely S has mentioned, your photography is stunning and inspiring. As mentioned in email the pictures are definitely part of your story, so would LOVE to see an image gallery on your blog site – because you see things with a unique (and stylish) eye. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs, Tinkerabella! K

  3. Thank you lovely. I think a series of close pics of nourishing things, and related blog posts, is a fabulous idea! As is transferring some of the blogs we created on the OneMeall site. I will need to check with the lionhearted one, how I get back onto that original OMA site…

  4. Hey lovely – the way you’ve photographed these beans in their spongey pillows makes you want to eat them – but only after you’ve prayed and awed at their exquisite beauty and functionality. A whole series of close up pics of different things that nourish us (food and other) and blog posts extolling the imagenius of our OMAnature would be a visual and physical (and spiritual) joy. You’d be joining the dots between heart and mind, body and soul. An exercise in prayparing your audience to be mindful about food, life, love, friendship, beauty – in all its dots and details. The website looks as fresh and beautiful as these broad beans.

    Also perhaps you could transfer some of the blogs we created on the OneMeall website… that would join the dots of the past work we did to this…

    Beautiful, bella. Blog forth and multiplay!

  5. Now, let me think…I believe they arrived in a chiller bag along with gorgeous asparagus, organic lemons, gluten free bread and other goodies from Urban Harvest. Busy Welly people, if you’d like fabulous local produce delivered to your door go to Immediately.

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