An invitation to Powa for an introduction to biomimicry.

An introduction to Biomimicry: The Art & Science of Emulating Nature


Tink Stephenson

If you would like to understand

how a kingfisher inspires a bullet train,

how a butterfly inspires a pigment free fibre,

how a beetle inspires an innovative way of capturing water,

how a whale inspires a wind turbine,

and a redwood forest inspires a new way of doing business,

then please join us at…

Powa Centre, Level 1, 1 Marion Street, Wellington

26 August 2011, 7.00-8.30pm

$10 tickets also include chai, brownie and popcorn.

If you could RSVP to by Friday 19 August so we can make sure that we have plenty of popcorn that would be super. However if you’d like to play it by ear and turn up at the last minute,we’ll be delighted to see you.

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