Chew longer. Be full. Not busy.

At a Onemeall lunch on Thursday, I asked Nick if he’s busy and instead he said his life is full. At NourisHer with Brooklyn Kitchen later that same day, Nicola reminded us to chew longer.

Chew longer. Apparently most of when we go out for a meal, chew only four times before swallowing. We eat fast and consequently make it much harder for our bodies to digest.

After making myself a lovely big salad yesterday for lunch, I sat down with the bowl placed to one side of my laptop and kept working. Jabbing my fork into it as I sat focussed much more intently on an email I was writing, than the food which I’d so enjoyed making. And then after several mouthfuls, I realised that I was only chewing three or four times before swallowing. And I probably should add in the spirit of being honest, that I was also chewing fast. In a hurry to finish my food for no good reason.

So I sat there, slightly startled, and proceeded to chew more slowly and for longer. I kept working, but I paid more attention to my food and the amazing thing was that I was much more full than I usually am after eating a salad with no carbs.

And it made me think of Nick’s earlier comment about considering his life to be full rather than busy. Because somehow when we’re busy-busy-busy we’re also often slightly distracted.

So thanks to Nick and Nicola, today I am feeling pleasantly full. Yes I’ve had a very busy week and the next few weeks look like they’ll be the same, but now I’m choosing to view them as full rather than very busy. And the fruit I ate for lunch was consumed more slowly and my tummy is feeling much happier as a result.

Smart people, Nick and Nicola, with wise things to say. I would highly recommend that you visit both their websites… Learn how to relate, renew, relearn with Nick Potter at Re-Be and how to be more aware of your body and the food that you eat with Nicola Cranfield at the Brooklyn Kitchen.

5 thoughts on “Chew longer. Be full. Not busy.

  1. Hello gorgeous, it is indeed too long since we chatted! Thank you so much for reconnecting. Let me know whether skype sometime in the next few weeks would suit. Tink xxx

  2. Too long since we last chatted. Was thinking about you the other day and just wanted to connect! So here I am between nursing, playing, writing a document and cooking….connecting! Love what you are doing, my life is…. very full! kisses

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