How do you do?

I’m doing well, thank you.

Photo by Alistair Knock

While working through the brand story process for ElementAll last year, I asked  a friend of mine who is an IT guru but also a self confessed word geek, to consider the notes and moodboards I’d developed and respond with the words and images they evoked. He came back with, amongst other things, the image of a lioness walking through grasslands and the sound of her padding feet creating the mantra go-do-be, go-do-be, go-do-be.

Which is pretty much what the last few years have been about for me. Being. I have gone, done and most of all, been.

As I explained in a recent post entitled Four Wings on a Dragonfly, introducing a recipe for balance, my recent past has been about exploring and developing. I have always been an advocate for having time to be. I have, as I also explained in that post, not been a huge fan of planning. Preferring, to focus first and foremost on ‘being’ and let the doing evolve out of that.

The beauty of my life unfolding in way which has allowed me to ‘be’ and having the freedom to consciously choose to have time and space to do that, is that I now know who I am. However the question which immediate follows in my mind is ‘So what do I do with me now that I know who she is?…’

And that’s where the planning and doing comes in. The be-go-do becomes go-do-be. Where once the doing and going flowed from the being, in order to be me, I now need to go and do.

Go-d0-be, go-do-be, go-do-be.

How do you do?

Tell me, I’d love to know.

3 thoughts on “How do you do?

  1. Glad you like the brandstory, tink. And the revelations it allowed.

    And You know me – do-be-do-bee-doo – dancing to Frank in a syncopated chacha, across time and space, giving doing to those I love, not resting yet enough in being… but learning it on the yoga mat, as the breath reveals her secret of surrender and suppot. love to you and your doing in the spaces between being.

  2. Hey Tink. You can certainly write in a way that evokes a smile, that’s for sure. Among your many skills lurks a fine writer. Oh, and I’m doing well, thanks. Have been doing too much doing though. Makes me think of Dr Seuss’ push-me-pull-you.

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