A brief (but not Twitter length) thought on dreaming big.

I’ve been trying to fit this thought into 140 characters in order to post it on Twitter, however even though this is intended to be brief, I simply need more than 140 characters.

Recently, I’ve shared a big dream with a number of people and I’m interested in the most common response which is ‘Wow, that’s a big dream‘ accompanied by a slightly skeptical expression. I used to take this more personally, as if somehow this was a reflection on me personally. Obviously these people thought I was being fantastical, ‘a dreamer’, incapable of making it happen.

But recently, I re-read a book called Synchronicity which talks about the power in creating something for its own sake, not for yours and I’ve realised that this is exactly how I feel about this dream I’ve had for so many years. I want this to happen not so much for my sake (although of course I’d love to be involved and that’s a key point because in order for this dream to manifest it will require collaboration) but for its sake. I want to see it come to life.

Understanding my relationship with this dream has consequently shifted the nature of my attachment to it. I feel like I’ve become an advocate for ‘it’, rather than ‘my’ project. So that when I hear people say ‘Wow, that’s a really big dream’ and look skeptical, I’m interested. As kids, we dreamed BIG dreams. We were allowed to dream big dreams, encouraged to. But as adults, somehow that’s silly. Not always, but in my experience, it usually is.


I’m interested in your experience, your thoughts