Why Onemeall?…

Onemeall is of course about a meal. Using that universal of rituals to consciously connect with like-minded people who are in their element, or aspire to be. But ‘One Me All’  is also about a conscious recognition of our interconnectedness.The fabric of life which weaves us all together, humans, trees, a spider weaving its web, the tiniest organism buried deep in the earth.

Many of us are aware that we’re a critical point in the evolution of our species. We’re the dominant species and have managed to get ourselves (and the environment) into an almighty mess. We’re facing multiple crises. And yet clichéd as it might be, this is also an opportunity. We have the potential to evolve.

Rapid evolution has apparently been something of a hot topic in the news recently. In May, the New Scientist explored “Evolution in the Fast Lane”, how very fast changes can occur in very short periods of time. The Darwinian school of thought has always been that evolution is a gradual process occurring over tens of millions of year. However, new evidence shows that everything from weeds to pests to fish to humans respond to environmental changes and life evolves.

If my understanding is correct (and I’m attempting to synthesize information gleaned from cell biologists, quantum physicists, Jungian analysts, physicians, leadership consultants, economists etc) essentially we have the potential to evolve from a world in which the dominant paradigm of humanity is defined by competition, separation and materialism to a new paradigm which is collaborative, collective and inclusive of the immaterial realm.

Speaking of the immaterial realm, this is what Bruce Lipton, PhD, a cell biologist and internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, has to say:

“Quantum physics stresses that the invisible energy realm, collectively referred to as the field, is the primary governing force of the material realm. It is more than interesting that the term field is defined as “invisible moving forces that influence the physical realm,” for the same definition is used to describe spirit. The new physics provides a modern version of ancient spirituality. In a Universe made out of energy, everything is entangled, everything is one.” (1)


“What we’re beginning to learn is that we are cells in a larger organism. At this moment – just like what’s happening in the bodies of many people on this planet – the earth is experiencing autoimmune disease, where the cells in the body are killing each other, and if we don’t learn fast enough, we are not going to make it. Those of us looking for new answers are the future of a new evolution. We are experimenting and investigating how we might create a better life.” (2)

My hope, and intention, is that the people who gather around the table at Onemeall are those of us looking for new answers. And that in consciously connecting – to our own element, to each other, to our world – we are aware of our interconnection. So that a One-meall creates a community of One-Me-All.

(1) The Role of Spirituality in a Worldshift by Bruce Lipton, PhD.
(2) Spontaneous Evolution: New Scientific Realities Are Bringing Spirit Back into Matter by Bruce Lipton, PhD.


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