Veronica Harwood Stevenson

Veronica has a BSc in Anatomy and Structural Biology from Otago, currently she works in Film and TV and is focused on becoming a documentary producer. She is also a budding social entrepreneur, developing a non-invasive material using nature’s principles.

For several years Veronica has used yoga as a means of finding balance and has integrated this with her background in science todevelop a holistic understanding of the body as a beautiful, efficient and interconnected system. Coupled with an awareness of the modern woman’s lifestyle (and the extent to which we don’t nourish ourselves quite as well as we should!) Veronica is passionate about giving women enlightening insights into this tool we each inhabit.

At her first NourisHer event, Veronica helped us to understand stress and the physiological and chemical response it causes in our bodies. She told us about the role that the desk job epidemic has in changing the shape of our bones and muscles, and how it keeps the toxins in our systems.

And finally she talked to us about forging a new neural path vs following the path of least resistance by highlighting the flexibility and fluidity of our neurons and how it’s much easier to make and break habits than we might have thought!

Click here to download a pdf of NourisHer with Veronica Harwood Stevenson tasting notes.


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