Most women I know juggle. So many roles. Businesswoman, lover, partner, mother, daughter, friend, teacher, student. Most women I know spend nearly all of their time nourishing others, leaving very little time, if any, to nourish themselves.

NourisHer is an event-based platform designed to connect women with each other and with nourishing information, services and products. Each NourisHer event, once a month, is scheduled from 7.30-9pm. This allows for 20 minutes or so of chat over some delicious food and a glass of wine, the guest presenter then speaks for approximately 30-40 minutes and afterwards there is another half hour or so of nourishing food and conversation.

While each NourisHer event is designed to stand alone, there is a pattern, a spiral of wellbeing starting with food as the foundation. We’ve moved from food as the beginning of the story (Urban Harvest), to food & wellbeing and digestion (Brooklyn Kitchen), then anatomy, stress and the importance of breathing properly (Veronica Harwood Stevenson), conscious breath & sound (yoga teacher Melissa Billington), voicework (Suryagita Cox) and the joy of movement (Beverly Barton and Reveling).

It is my intention to integrate some kind of learning experience into each NourisHer event and send you away with a different kind of takeaway. Tasting notes with easily digestible pieces of information.

There is no set fee in attending a NourisHer event. It is donation based, with the idea being that you pay what you perceive the value to be to you. However most people have been contributing $10-15.

To find more out about past and future events, click on the NourisHer drop down menu.

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