Suryagita Cox: Alexander Voiceworks

Nourishing your soul by freeing your voice

Suryagita is an experienced teacher of the Alexander Technique, a method of learning to find balance and ease in the body and mind. She is also a voice coach. And her passion for mind-body work is enriched by a love of singing, her training as a musician and her practice of meditation.

Suryagita discovered the Alexander Technique after she quite literally fell off a mountain 20 years ago and suffered back and neck pain as a result. Alexander lessons left her feeling light, pain-free and much more at peace in her body.  It was, she says, life changing. She felt more alive, connected to herself and others and able to work much more effectively with stress and postural tendencies.

As for her voice work, Suryagita believes that the voice is a medium for expressing our deeper self. Through her own performance, she has learned the power of telling her own stories through singing them to others. And that learning and singing folk songs from around the world, enables us to learn about each other’s stories and break down barriers.

At NourisHer, Using the Alexander Technique, Suryagita showed us how to relax into our bodies, free our natural breath and explore sounds. She then guided us in shaping our breath and our sounds into chant and song.

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