Nicola Cranfield: Brooklyn Kitchen

After working internationally in the corporate accounting arena, Nicola she chose to exit her profession and establish an interiors store in Melbourne. Eschewing the transient high-fashion approach to business, she focused on the importance of bespoke craftsmanship and enduring relationships. This approach demanded frequent travel to far-flung countries sourcing the unusual.

During her travels she often used food to connect with suppliers – sharing a meal is one of the oldest ways to bridge the divide of language and culture. With an innate interest in natural health, the observations gleaned on these trips became research for her own lifestyle. This natural curiosity led her to become a Body Ecology Coach and study at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York. She is also an accredited yoga teacher and Reiki master.

Now based in her home city of Wellington, New Zealand, Nicola is passionate about helping people heal themselves. She aims to make nutrition fun and demystify the confusing and often conflicting healthy diet advice available. Her lively, well researched and inspiring presentation sent us away with some surprising yet practical tips and techniques that can easily be applied in the midst of your busy day, at home or on the go. To sample a few, click here for NourisHer with Brooklyn Kitchen tasting notes.

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