Melissa Billington: MYOGA & Powa Centre

Melissa Billington, Director/Owner of MYOGA Ltd & Powa Centre Ltd, has been steeped in an alternative lifestyle from before birth!  Conceived in a conscientious objector’s community in Canada & born in her ancestral homeland of Virginia, USA, she was then raised among the 4 seasons of the northeast.

Melissa left Manhattan & her artist life of hat-making & acting in 1999.  She went to India for the last full solar eclipse of the past millennium & stayed on in Mumbai with a new-found Irish love.  It was in Mumbai that her Kundalini yoga practice became a daily sustainer.  When her partner’s job took them to Barbados, instead of Europe, her plans of becoming a professional photographer shifted to becoming a yoga teacher. She returned to the northeast to gain a 200 hour teaching certificate from Kripalu Center, where she’d first been introduced to yoga at age 7.

Melissa has been teaching for the past 10 years & is passionate about creating a space in which people feel safe & encouraged to come alive, to wake up to their own inner strength & talents. Her personal journey of healing and empowerment has been primarily through yoga and particularly through breath and the sound or mantra aspects of the practice.

At NourisHer in May, Melissa shared some effective tools for personal balancing and self-discovery. In particular, she focussed on how to breathe consciously! To learn a little more about breathing consciously and sound, click here for for Melissa’s takeaway NourisHer notes.

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