The ElementAll Story

When my godmother walked into a room people would look twice. She captured their imaginations. She was comfortable in her own skin and she wore her clothes as her second skin. Women wouldn’t notice what she was wearing so much as her warmth, her grace and her elegance. The way she put things together in a way that transcended fashion and expressed her individual sense of self and style.

I grew up knowing that she had a secret very few women possess. How to express who they really are through their clothes. Now, thirty years on I understand how she still does it. The power is in the pieces – the essential elements, that, when combined with knowing who you are, work together like alchemy.

I remember the day she showed me her wardrobe. It was filled with a few simple, elemental pieces. They hung in the wardrobe, unremarkable, certainly nothing like I remembered of the impact of seeing her wear them. But in my godmother’s hands and with her eye for getting the details right, these pieces would come alive on her, draping her body in a way that allowed her to move with mystery and poise through all the places her life took her.

She would throw the perfect earrings, the simplest scarf or the signature belt on and she would go from garden, to business meeting, to school pick up, to dinner party. She would do this without the need to change the perfect silhouette that became the comfortable and elegant canvas for all the ways she would paint her days.

ElementAll is for all women. I believe we all have beauty, power and grace. We are fiery and nurturing, sexy and smart, emotional and strong. Each facet of femininity dressed with reverence and respect.  ElementAll expresses the inner goddess in every woman.

Five pieces in lightweight merino to walk in elegantly and lightly on the earth. Pants that move with you, skimming your curves. A skirt that flows and sways as you walk. A tunic that drapes you with generous adoration. A top that takes you anywhere, and lets you roll up your sleeves and get on with your life. And an outer wrap that becomes your signature piece – your defining statement that can transform you into global traveller, lioness at the market, adventurer at the school crossing, lover in the sand.

I am delighted that my godmother showed me her secret to dressing so well, so lightly. But not every woman has someone like this in her life. ElementAll is your godmother and when women come together we can be that for each other – a truer mirror than the one you usually look into. The way we can help each other to define and find our signature style, to wear it well, is why I’ve chosen to introduce ElementAll in living rooms, not dressing rooms. Women coming together to share stories, weave friendships, helping each other find their true beauty and their grace.

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