And we’ve launched! Softly. 

After years of being in development, ElementAll launched with the tunic at Behome on Sunday 15 November. Hosting a small event, a group of wonderful women gathered to try on the piece, give much appreciated feedback and pre-order.

I was truly delighted to see the tunic on a variety of different shapes and sizes. With a size range from 8-20, we’ve worked hard to design a cut which is flattering to as many women as possible and it seems we’re getting there!

Made in New Zealand, locally in fact (the merino fabric just up the road, the clothes just down the road), the price of the tunic is $160.

A separate website is in the works, but in advance of that if you would like to contact me about ordering a tunic, you will find me at tink@onemeall.org.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a couple of testimonials from writer, yoga teacher and human rights consultant Marianne Elliot and New Zealand designer Jo Luping.

‘I discovered the versatility of tunics while I was living in Afghanistan and now it’s hard for me to wear anything else. The ElementAlltunic is an example of tunics at their best. The perfect length to wear with or without leggings, with a feature neckline to add glamour, this tunic is cut beautifully; enough shape to be flattering, without being uncomfortably tight.
I wear mine over loose pants for an elegant variation on comfort-dressing, over leggings to carry me from day to evening without missing a beat and – on those rare but beloved perfect Wellington days – alone with a pair of ballet flats. It’s the busy woman’s best wardrobe friend, fantastic for traveling and I’m looking forward to getting it in more colours!’
‘I wear my tunics all the time. I am also looking forward to a couple of new colours, especially the lipstick colour.’
Jo Luping




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