Beverly Barton: Reveling

Beverly Barton is from Southern California and loves to dance. Since 1997, she’s been studying, performing and teaching a wide range of Dance, Movement Therapy, Somatic Healing and Massage. Her goal is to teach what she’s knows in order to positively influence and propel individual and social change. She uses the title “Movement Coach” because it umbrellas all she does; She’ll coach you through Physical, Emotional and Energetic movement….

Beverly’s love for travel and passion for learning has given her unique opportunities. At age 20, while studying psychology at Santa Barbara College in California, USA, she was invited to teach Dance AliveTM at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists in Sydney and has since traveled to other parts of the world, each time, bringing home new awareness and techniques to her practice. In conjunction with her studies and travels, Beverly ‘business side’ flourished as General Manager at Burke Williams Day Spa in California (the busiest spa in the nation).

In 2005, Beverly decided to dedicate her energy and talents full time toward her own business, Reveling, where she offers services including Boutique Spa Consulting, Dance Alive Sessions, Couples Counseling and Massage Therapy. She has recently moved to Wellington with her fiance, Brandon, and is excited to build a local Reveling team.

Reveling sessions are fun, indepth movements sessions designed to enhance your relationship with your body, particularly with how you tend to move. As Beverly says, what we experience in the studio generally spills over into what we’re experiencing out in the world. Through movement, breath and music we were guided to make connections within and around you. All movement is stored in the nervous system, so when you change how you move, you change how you live. Each experience is unique.

Beverly loves teaching Reveling classes, because they give people a chance experience themselves without consequence. If anything, it’s 2 hours of closing your eyes and committing to yourself, while practicing non-judgment. There’s no previous dance experience required because it’s not dance. You wont be told how to look, just to move with different concepts of fluidly, strength, flexibility and endurance.  This looks and feels different to everyone because we’re all different!

At NourisHer, Beverly mainly focussed on fluidity, where we were  guided to move with ease, following the path of least resistance. Soft, fluid movements, in a safe, supportive space, with amazing women.

“Revel. To experience fully. Through practice, I revel in a balanced moment. When we have the ability to expand internally to the same degree we can reach out into the world, we have balance. With balance, we have the safety and freedom to Revel…” ~Beverly Barton


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